Replacing a Bicycle Inner Tube

What You'll Need
2 bicycle tire irons
Replacement inner tube

Replacing a bicycle inner tube often must be done within the life of the bicycle and with practice can be come a quick and simple roadside repair. 

Step 1 - Remove Tire from Bicycle

Completely deflate the tire and remove the wheel hub from the bicycle frame using quick release or a wrench.

Step 2 -  Exposing the Inner Tube

Insert one tire iron between the rim and the lip of the tire. Pull down, exposing the lip of the tire. Hook the tire iron onto the spoke. Insert the second tire iron at the gap where the tire lip is exposed and rotate around the circumference of the tire, popping one side over the tire rim. Do not remove both sides of the tire.

Step 3 - Remove Inner Tube

Pull the stem valve out first and then remove the inner tube of the tire.

Step 4 - Replace Inner Tube

Insert stem valve first and then work the new tube into the tire.

Step 5 - Pop Tire On

Working by hand first, push the tire back behind the rim. Use a tire iron when tension becomes too great. Before inflating, run the tire iron around the circumference or the tire rim to seat the inner tube.