Replacing A Deadbolt In 5 Steps

What You'll Need
New Deadbolt
Hole Saw Bit
Hole Saw
One Quarter Inch Plywood
Measuring Tape
Two Clamps

Replacing a deadbolt is a good way to ensure that your home is safe. If your deadbolt is old or not the strength you feel comfortable with, replacing one with an upgrade is the best thing to do. To ensure that you are able to successfully replace the deadbolt in your door, carefully read the instructions and gather the necessary materials listed below.

Step 1 – Removing Old Deadbolt

You will need to remove the old deadbolt from your door before you begin to install your new one. The actual bolt that is attached to the side of the door as well as the cylinder is what you will be removing. You will recognize it as the bolt by the complete round surface. It will stick out to turn.

After the lock has been taken off of the door, get the measuring tape to get the measurements for the hole. The distance from the center of the edge of the door to the hole is what you are going to measure, this as well as the size of the cylinder. You will need the measurements in order to purchase the right size deadbolt unit for your door.

Step 2 – Test

You will want to test the new deadbolt on the door before you fully install it. Everything is going to need to fit correctly. Enlarge the hole if it is too small for your new deadbolt.

Step 3 – Enlarging Hole

If the old hole is too small for your new deadbolt then you will need to get the hole to a more suitable size. You will begin to do this by clamping a section of plywood to cover the hole that is in the door where your deadbolt will be. One clamp should be placed on the top while one is put at the bottom.

Get out your pencil to mark the hole into the plywood both horizontally as well as vertically right at the center of the brand new hole for the cylinder. Your section of plywood should be your centering guide when you have gotten to cutting the new and bigger hole. After you have done this, you will cut completely through the plywood as well as a side of your door.

Step 4 – Fitting

Once you have successfully made a level and straight cut you will finish by boring into the hole with the saw. Be sure to thoroughly clean out the hole with a file to get it smooth. After you have done this then you will need to test the deadbolt to see if it fits. Go through the previous step if any adjustments are required.

Step 5 – Screwing it in

The two screws that are on the inside of your new deadbolt will need to be screwed into place. After you have done this you will need to begin screwing in your new cylinder to the door handle.