Replacing a Door Knob Latch

Your door knob is one of the simplest mechanical devices in your home despite its complicated internal workings. A door knob works on a general axle. The door knob turns which turns another part of the door knob then the door can be opened.

There are plenty of door knob styles you can choose from but every single one uses the same basic method of operation which involves a latch. A door knob latch does not often fail but when it does you will notice that door knob will begin to stick.

It will be harder to turn or will not turn at all. A door knob latch can seize up due to oil becoming chunky or due to rust forming on the interior mechanics. The following article will share with you info on what a door knob latch does and how to replace it.

The Parts of the Door Knob

As complicated as a door knob appears it's a very simple device. The first part of note is the door knob. It does not have to be round and there is nothing very special about it other than the threads or square hole in the back. The spindle goes into this hole and connects to the other door knob.

The spindle is simply a bar of sorts which connects the door knobs but has to be passed through the door knob latch. The latch mechanism is installed in the side of the door and the latch plate is then fastened. When the door knob turns it turns the spindle which catches the latch which pulls in the external latch allowing you to open the door.

Removing the Entire Door Knob

The door knob latch is the mechanism that allows the door to stay closed and to lock. It is the last thing you can remove when replacing a door knob. To replace the latch you need to remove the entire door knob. There is no way around removing it because the door knob keeps the latch in place.

A New Door Knob Latch

Not every door knob latch will work with every door. Do not waste your money buying a door knob latch until the old one is removed. You should take the old latch to a store and compare them with all of the possible replacements. A good shop will be able to pick one out for you.

Removing and Replacing a Door Knob Latch

To remove a door knob latch you have to remove the door knob. There is no way around this. All it takes is a Philips screwdriver to remove the screws on the metal plate. If there are no screws on the plate, you will have to look at the stem of the door knob. Remove the tiny screws or press the metal clip then remove the door knob. Remove the entire door knob and slide in the new latch. Put the door knob back as it was and that is all there is to it.