Replacing a Dryer Vent Hood

A dryer vent hood directs the hot air and lint from the dryer duct as it leaves the home. The hoods may become cracked or broken, and need to be replaced periodically.

Remove the Old Hood

Dryer vent hoods are generally connected to the exterior wall of the home. Check the old hood for the type of screw that was used in its installation, then use the appropriate screwdriver to remove the screws. The hood may still be attached to the wall of the home because of sealant or caulking used to cover any cracks. Use a utility knife to cut through the sealant and remove the hood.

Detach from Dryer Duct

The hood may be attached to the dryer duct inside the wall with a clamp or metal duct tape. Remove the clamp or tape and free the old hood from the interior ductwork.

Tape or Clamp New Hood
Inside the wall, attach the new duct hood to the interior dryer duct with the clamp or tape recommended by the manufacturer.

Attach Hood to Exterior Wall
Using screws (usually provided in the duct hood kit), attach the new hood to the exterior wall where you removed the old one. Use a silicone caulk/sealant around the joint to close any gaps and stop any air escape.