Replacing a Glass Ceramic Cooktop

What You'll Need
Safety Gloves

A cooktop is the most useful appliance that you have in your home, if it gets broken then it can often seem like the end of the world. Modern glass ceramic cooktops may look fantastic however they are fragile and can break quite easily.

Calling out an expert to fix the broken stove would be very costly. If you have access to the right tools and materials you should be able to reinstall appliance yourself and replace the existing glass cooktop.

Step 1 - Finding a New Cooktop

The very first step is to locate a cooktop which is suitable for your model of cooker. To do this you should contact your manufacturer and ask them about replacement glass ceramic cooktops. Most manufacturer's have a ready supply of spare parts which should be the quickest way to source the spare parts. You might also like to find out whether the price is covered by the guarantee, although this is fairly unlikely.

If you have an older cooktop then your only option might be trying to source a second hand glass ceramic cooktop which will match your model number.

Step 2 - Removing Old Glass

Every cooktop is slightly different however there will normally be a cover to remove which will then expose four screws. Removing these screws should free the glass which then makes it possible to slide it out. If the glass is broken or damaged then you need to be very careful that you won't hurt yourself on the shards of glass.

You might want to wear some safety gloves at this point to protect yourself from the broken pieces of glass. Also make sure that your children are out of the way before starting this job.

Step 3 - Disposal

Glass cooktops are very sharp and you need to be very careful how you dispose of them. If there are lots of big sharp pieces then the safest way of getting rid of these is to wrap them in an old cloth or towel and then hit them with a mallet to smash them up into very small bits. Do this as gently as possible, there's no point getting too carried away at this step.

Step 4 - Replacing the Glass Cooktop

Spend some time cleaning any grease or grime which has managed to get inside the cooktop and then you're ready to replace the glass. This will slide in the same way as you took your old one out. If it doesn't fit don't force it, first check that you have the right model number and haven't made a mistake. If you have made a mistake then you should be able to exchange it for the right model.

When the sheet of glass is in place you should then fix the screws again and then replace the cover. The project is finished and you should now be able to use your cooktop once again. When everything is assembled you can then try the cooktop out again to make sure that it all works properly.