Replacing a Sink's Basket Strainer Replacing a Sink's Basket Strainer

What You'll Need
New Strainer

Sometimes your old sink basket strainer gets damaged and results in water leakage that causes the area under the sink to turn into a mess. Here is a simple guide to replace a sink basket strainer.

Step 1: Tail Pipe

Locate the slip nuts that attach the tail pipe to the strainer housing unit. Loosen these, using pliers, and remove the tailpipe. Ask someone to hold a flashlight under the sink, so that you can remove the old strainer.

Step 2: Removing Strainer

With an adjustable wrench, remove the coupling nut at the bottom portion of the strainer. Simultaneously place the pliers’ handles in the holes of the housing unit. Take off the washer and housing, along with the basket from the hole.

Step 3: Inserting Strainer

Take a putty knife and scrape away the existing putty around the hole. Wash the area and wipe it dry with a cloth. Take some putty and make a rope of medium thickness. Now spread this evenly around the hole of the drain and insert the new housing unit with the strainer in place. Make sure it fits snugly. Remove any extra putty.

Step 4: Leak Testing

Take the gasket and stretch it over the bottom surface of the housing unit so that it gets attached firmly. Place the washer in the place it was before. Now, put a lock nut on the flange of the screw and tighten with a wrench. Reattach the tail pipe with the slip nuts in place. See if there is any water seepage after turning the sink tap on.



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