Replacing a Turn Signal Switch

What You'll Need
Repair manual for your make and model
Steering wheel puller
Replacement turn signal switch

The turn signal switch is the switch which activates the flasher on your turn signal when you move it in either an up or down direction. If your turn signal switch is not working properly, you can save yourself some money by replacing it yourself rather than paying a mechanic to do it.

Step #1: Obtain a Repair Manual

Since replacing a turn signal switch will differ depending on the make and model of your car, you will need to obtain a copy of the repair manual for your make and model. Follow along in the repair manual along with these instructions in case anything differs from these instructions for your make and model.

Step #2: Disconnect Battery

It is important to prevent the threat of electric shock by disconnecting your car battery. When disconnecting the wiring, place the positive terminal on a piece of rag so it does not touch any other part of the engine or car. Failure to do this can cause the positive terminal to short to the ground.

Step #3: Remove Steering Wheel

To gain access to your turn signal switch you may need to remove the steering wheel. Use a steering wheel puller to pull the steering wheel off the steering column. The steering column should have a plastic shroud that allows access to the turn signal switch.

Step #4: Disconnect from Wiring Harness

The turn signal switch will be attached to a wiring harness that should be disconnected before you remove it. Remember or write down which wires connect to which parts of the harness so that when you put in the replacement switch, you hook it up properly. Once these wires have been disconnected, remove the turn signal switch.

Step #5: Replace the Turn Signal Switch

Once the turn signal switch has been removed, replace it with the new one. Connect the wires to the wiring harness the same as the old one was connected.

Step #6: Reattach the Steering Wheel

Put the steering wheel back into place by pushing it back into the steering column. This should not require the use of your steering wheel puller.

Step #7: Reconnect the Battery

Without the battery reconnected, your car will not be able to operate, so reconnecting the wires to the battery is an important step.

Step #8: Test the Turn Signals

Finally when all is said and done, start the car and test both signals to make sure they are operating properly.

Following these simple steps can allow you to replace a broken turn signal switch. Remember that these steps may be different for different make and models. Also, having a turn signal switch that doesn’t work properly is not only dangerous, but it can also result in a ticket. Replacing a broken turn signal switch can not only save you money, but could save your life.