Replacing Aluminum Windows in Brick Veneer: 2 Tips Replacing Aluminum Windows in Brick Veneer: 2 Tips

Replacing aluminum windows in the brick veneer of your home can be a good way to protect your veneer and add enduring windows to your home. In order to correctly install these windows, you should follow some simple tips to replacing aluminum windows in a casement which has brick veneer.

Measure Carefully

When you are installing these new windows, it is important to measure the area you need carefully, in order to prevent mistakes, and to keep the windows in place. Measurements are key to avoiding having to replace the brick veneer. Use a tape measure to carefully assess the length of your aluminum, and then check this against the window. Careful measurement of the brick veneer helps you to avoid damaging it as you try and install the aluminum windows. It also helps to ensure that you don't accidentally buckle your aluminum trying to fit it into a small area.

Flashing Is Key

When you start out replacing aluminum windows into your brick veneer, you should remember that the flashing is key. The flashing tape will need to be installed by taping the window side first, and then pushing the flashing into the gap between the brick veneer and your replacement windows. You need to use around 2 to 3 inches of flashing, in order to cover the brick veneer properly.

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