Replacing An Old Door Lock Correctly Replacing An Old Door Lock Correctly

What You'll Need
New deadbolt lock

If you have an old door lock that you need to replace, whether it's because the lock is broken or you're simply concerned about a stray door key, you could call a professional locksmith to come change the lock for you. However, calling a locksmith will generally set you back about $50-$100, and you could probably do the job just as well yourself. So, here is a convenient step by step guide to help you change the deadbolt lock on your door.

Step 1: Purchase a New Deadbolt Lock

First, take a look at the deadbolt lock and jot down the name of the manufacturer and look for a model number if available. Then, head to your local home improvement store and look for a new deadbolt lock. If possible, purchase a lock that is the same brand and model as the one that is currently installed. This will make the installation much easier. However, if the same brand and model lock is not available; ask a member of the sales staff to help you find a lock that is as close a match as possible.

Step 2: Remove the Old Deadbolt Lock

Remove the two screws that hold the deadbolt lock cylinders in place. These will be located on the inside cylinder of the deadbolt lock (inside your home). After you remove the screws, use both hands to separate the inner and outer cylinder cases from the door. You should be able simply pull the two cylinders of the lock straight out.

Step 3: Remove the Lock Bolt Mechanism

Remove the screws that hold the bolt mechanism in place. There will usually be one screw above and one below the bolt itself. Next, simply pull out the bolt from the locking mechanism. Then, remove the remainder of the locking mechanism from the hole for the cylinder.

Step 4: Install the New Lock Mechanism

Insert the new bolt into the hole for the bolt mechanism and secure it to the edge of the door with two screws. If the screws for the new lock are slightly smaller than the old ones, you can use a toothpick to a wedge between the side of the original screw hole and the new screw. Simply break the toothpick off after inserting it. This will help the new screw to have a better grip in the screw hole.

Step 5: Install the New Lock Cylinders

Carefully align the cylinders on both sides of the door. Make sure that they also properly align with the locking mechanism and are attached to any gears or receivers inside the mechanism itself. After the two cylinders are properly aligned, insert the cylinder retaining screws and tighten them securely.

Step 6: Test the New Lock

Insert a key for the new deadbolt lock into the outside cylinder and turn it back and forth several times. Make sure that the bolt slides in and out of the strike plate hole easily and smoothly. Also, test the lock by using the knob or latch on the inside cylinder to ensure the deadbolt locks and unlocks as well.

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