Replacing an Outdoor Water Faucet


The need for replacement of an outdoor water faucet can be due to several reasons which include wearing out of the faucet and leaks. There is no need to depend on a plumber for this replacement process. You can easily finish this job in a couple of hours. The task of replacing an outdoor water faucet is easy if the steps given below are followed.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Crescent wrench
  • Pipe wrench
  • Stiff-bristled brush
  • Plumber's tape

Step 1: Turn Off The Water Supply

The water shut off valve must be located. It is often found in the underground utility box next to the street. The water supply is turned off completely.

Step 2: Empty The Water Pipe

The valve of the faucet valve is removed. The water content present in the pipe must be completely removed. The water pipe must be completely dry.

Step 3: Remove The Water Pipe

The crescent wrench is placed below the faucet to hold the water pipe in its place when the faucet is removed. The crescent must be tightened around the pipe to avoid it from turning.

Step 4: Remove The Water Faucet

The water pipe is loosened to remove the faucet easily. Next the pipe wrench is attached to the water faucet and then the wrench is turned in the counter-clockwise direction. When the faucet becomes loose it can be easily removed.

Step 5: Clean The Pipes

The water pipe ends and the threads are cleaned using a stiff bristled brush to remove rust. Rusting causes a problem when installing a new water faucet. Use the plumber's tape around the thread of the water pipe.

Step 6: Install The New Faucet

The new outdoor water faucet is threaded and turned in the clockwise direction until it becomes tight. The pipe wrench must be used to tighten the new faucet firmly in place.

Step 7: Turn On The Water Supply

First close the outdoor water faucet and then turn on the water supply. The new water faucet valve is opened and water is allowed to run through the faucet. Check for leaks and if present it should be sealed with the plumber's tape. You have successfully replaced an outdoor water faucet.