Replacing Brick Mold Trim: 3 Tips

If you have a little bit of brick mold trim around the edges of your walls and windows, you may decide that it needs to be discarded. Brick mold can often rot away after many years of use, and then it looks ugly, and gives the home an unpleasant look. However, it is not difficult to remove brick mold trim from a home, and you can do it yourself following some simple rules.

Cut Away the Caulk

You will first need to remove the caulk which is holding the brick mold onto the wall. Use a knife, or a chisel, to score through the caulk, and then chip it off. If you have siding behind the brick mold, then you need to be very careful not to piece the siding, or make cuts into it, as this can damage the waterproofing.

Dig out the Nails

The next step is to take the nails out of your brick mold. The best way to do this is locate them, and then push the molding inwards, while hooking the nail out using the claw side of your hammer.

Remove the Brick Mold

Once you have taken off the caulk, and removed the nails, you should be able to prise off the molding using an ordinary crow bar.