Replacing Cedar Roofing Shingles: 2 Tips Replacing Cedar Roofing Shingles: 2 Tips

Replacing cedar roofing shingles takes a bit of skills as well as the right tools to accomplish properly. No, you cannot just rip off the roofing shingles anytime you want and hope that your roof can withstand such abuse. To avoid creating more damage on your roof when you remove and replace cedar roofing shingles, here are some tips for you:

Remove the Damaged Shingle Gently

To remove a bad section on your cedar roofing, you need to loosen up the shingles on top of the section that you want remove and replace by lifting the nails that are holding them. Once the top shingles are loose, you may remove the bad section using a slater. Pull and wiggle the defective shingle out of it place and take care not to hit the other shingles when you remove the bad sections. After removing the bad sections on the roofing, clean up the area first before you install the new shingles.

Use the Right Nails to Install the New Shingles

It is very important to use the right type of nails to install your new cedar shingles. Note that the wrong type of nails can cause your shingles to split or crack so make sure that you have the right nails. Also, it is better to use a nail gun instead of a hammer when you install the new cedar shingles.

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