Replacing Dryer Vent Lint Traps

Periodically you may have to change the dryer vent in your dryer. This doesn't often happen if you keep your lint trap clean and in good condition. Being careful when you pull it out to clean and not tearing it while it's out is the key to keeping it in working order. If you do need to replace the dryer vent lint trap, here's how you do it.

Types of Lint Traps

Various models of dryers have different types of lint traps. Most all of them are on the outside part of the inner door, not attached to the drum. Some are out of sight and sit flush down into the inside of the dryer. These have a finger hold to pull them out, clean and replace. There are also types that sit down in a depression and you just swipe your fingers across them to pull out the lint. This one can be removed by pulling up on the side where the seal is. There is also a type that sits under the dryer and has a door to open and pull it out flat.

Replacing the Lint Trap

If during regular cleaning, the lint trap becomes damaged, don't return it to the dryer. Holes or broken seals can damage the dryer and cause costly repairs. Take the trap to your hardware store or the manufacturer for the replacement. You may need to take the model type and serial number off the unit. This should be on the inside of the door.