Replacing Garage Trusses Easily

What You'll Need
Framing nails
Pre-fabricated truss
Truss metal connectors

When replacing garage trusses, it is imperative that you remember that each individual truss is designed to hold a specific amount of weight, so taking out the original truss without having a way to support the roof can cause extensive damage and increase the likelihood of an accident occurring. However, there is a simple way to replace garage trusses that is safe and will adequately support the roofing materials. Follow the simple steps below to effectively replace your own garage trusses.

Step 1: Raise the New Truss into Place

Raise the new truss into place, making sure that it is tightly placed besidethe existing truss that needs to be replaced. Level the new garage truss, and secure it in place with framing nails and the metal connectors. Remember that if the roof has fallen at all due to the damaged truss, you may have to pound the new truss into place, making sure that it is level and plumb. You may have to use a jack to slightly raise the roof if pounding it into place does not work.

Step 2: Place the Second Truss

Repeat the above steps, making sure that the second truss is placed on the opposite side of the damaged truss. Once again, use a lift to secure it into place.

The reason for placing a truss on each side of the existing one is to ensure that the new trusses meet the load bearing requirements. As stated before, it is a bad idea to take out the existing truss unless the entire roof has been removed. If this is the case, though, you will only have to add one new truss into the roof in the exact location of the existing truss.