Replacing Gutter Hangers: 3 Tips

Gutter hangers hold up and secure the gutter system to the roof eaves of the house. Hangers enhance gutter efficiency as well as durability. However, with time, the hangers tend to sag and get bent. This situation calls for replacement of the gutter hangers. Follow the tips below for a successful project.

Tip 1: Removal

You need to remove the old gutter hangers one by one. Make sure there is some helper to hold the main gutter from below while you remove the hangers. Simply unhook the hanger from the gutter lip and use a drill bit to detach it from the place where it is attached to the roof.

Tip 2: Installation

While installing a new hanger, fix it up to the outer gutter lip first. Press the gutter as close to the façade of the house walls as possible so that the hanger is set firmly in place. The other end of the hanger has to be screwed into the fascia of the roof by drilling through the flashing, through the underside of the hanger. While operating the drill bit, start it on high speed so that the screw tip pierces through the metal. Then, lower the speed and apply gentle force so that the screw gets pushed through the remaining way.

Tip 3: Spacing

If you live in a cold or a snowy area, the hangers must be installed with more spaces between them. In a warmer area, they can be spaced as close to the gutter center as possible.