Replacing Hardware for Interior Doors

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 60-250
What You'll Need
New Door Handle Set
Screw Driver
Hand Level

Interior doors help to separate different rooms from one another. You can purchase and install all different types and styles of interior doors to enhance the decor and the appeal to your interior room. Some doors come with glass and other doors come as a standard hollow-core door. Whatever your style or design needs, there is bound to be a time when you need to replace the door hardware either for basic locking needs or because you want to update your decor in the room. Here are several steps that you can take to replace some of the components on your interior doors.

Replace the Interior Doorknob; Remove the Old

Probably one of the most common hardware components that get replaced is the interior doorknob. After you have purchased the new doorknob, remove the old one by removing the two screws on the faceplate. You will need either a flat head or a Phillips screwdriver. Remove the two screws on the plate that holds the knob. Pull off the door handle on both sides of the door.

Replace the Interior Doorknob; Remove the Strike Plate

If you are changing the finishes of the door handles, you will also want to change the strike plate. Remove the strike plate with a screwdriver. On the door, remove the faceplate and the pawl. These can just be removed by pulling on them with your fingers.

Replace the Interior Doorknob; Add the New Strike Plate

Add the new strike plate. It may be a different size than the old strike plate and in this case, you will need to adjust the sizing on your door frame by using a chisel and a hammer to remove any excess wood. Be gentle, put the chisel next to the area that needs to be trimmed, and gently tap on the chisel with your hammer. Do this until the shape and size are right for your new strike plate.

Add the new pawl and faceplate to the door. Attach the strike plate with a set of screws and a screwdriver. Screw the pawl mechanism in place and make sure it is level by using a small hand level.

Replace the Interior Doorknob; Add the Door Handle

Add your new handle in place and tighten the screws using your screwdriver. Both sides of the door handle must be installed and level. As you screw in your handle, check that each side lines up perfectly. Check that everything functions properly and that your door can open and close adequately.

Replacing the Interior Doorknob; Clean Up

If your doorknob surface is shiny, then take out a soft cloth rag that will not scratch the surface and spray a little polish or cleaner appropriate for that metal. Wipe down the surface well and shine off any fingerprints that may linger.