Replacing Lights in Outdoor Water Fountains

What You'll Need
New Lights

Outdoor water fountains provide a great deal of character and light in finishing off the landscape design. These water features range from very simple to extremely elaborate in design and function. Entertaining, relaxing, or just spending time with family during the long weekend, having an outdoor water fountain can help to invigorate and build memories.

One of the maintenance needs of outdoor water fountains is to change the lights as they wear out. The lighting in an outdoor water fountain have the tendency to last for a long time, but will eventually need to be replaced. When this need arises, replacing the lights in outdoor water fountains is very easy to do.

Step 1: Purchase Right Lights

Outdoor water fountains come in a lot of shapes, sizes, and with different needs. Because of this there are many different sizes of lights, different connections, and different colored light bulbs. All of this variety is a great thing when it comes to designing, but can be an obstacle when it comes to replacing the lights. Before you can change the lights in your fountain you must purchase the right lights. Check the owner's manual for the specifics of the bulb.

Step 2: Drain Water

Some fountains are manufactured with a built in drain to make this process much easier. However, if you have a few buckets, you can easily empty the water enough to get it below the light fixture. Some outdoor water fountains do not need to be drained as the lights are above the water line. Take some time to check out the individual light fixture to see if you can change the light without getting any connections wet.

Step 3: Remove Light Cover

Again, depending on the exact type of outdoor water fountain that you currently own, this will be a little different from model to model. Most lights are covered by a glass or plexiglass covering. Remove the screws that hold the cover to the fixture for access to the lights.

Step 4: Remove Old Light

Most of the lights that are in outdoor water fountains are basic plug-and-play type of lights. They have two prongs that are inserted into the housing. These prongs then seat the light and cause the electrical connection. To remove them, you simply pull straight out. Depending on the shape of the light you may want to wrap it with a rag so as not to break it in the socket.

Step 5: Insert New Light

Once the old light has been removed, clean away any debris that may be present. Carefully hold the new light over the light fixture and line up the prongs with the insert holes. Press the light straight into the fixture and make sure it snaps in place.

Step 6: Replace Cover and Water

Once the light is pressed in, test it to make sure that the light bulb works. If not, there may be other problems with the fountain causing it to either blow lights or not work at all. If it is working, replace the cover of the light and refill the basin with water.