Replacing Locks on Exterior Doors Replacing Locks on Exterior Doors

What You'll Need
Exterior door lock set

If you need to replace the locks on your exterior doors, purchase a complete lock set from a hardware store or home improvement center. This article will describe the tools and materials as well as the steps needed to replace your exterior door locks. This process should be easy to complete within an hour.

Step 1: Purchase Replacement Lock Set

At a hardware store or home improvement center, find a suitable replacement exterior door lock set for your home. Any set will come with new keys and all of the accessories necessary to attach the lock to your exterior door.

Step 2: Remove the Existing Locks

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that hold your existing door knob and locks in place. With the screws removed you should be able to pull the door knob and remove it from the door. There may be an additional screw that has to be loosened and removed in order to separate the outside and inside door knobs from each other.

Remove the plates from the outer and inner door knobs and the door latch from inside of the exterior door. Once you have removed all of these components to your exterior door ,you will be ready to install the replacement locks.

Step 3: Install the Replacement Locks

Place the replacement lock in place. It will be installed in the same manner in which you removed the existing lock. Make sure that the latch is properly positioned and come through the side of the door. Before you tighten the screws that hold the door knobs in place, turn them several times to make sure that the latch moves properly.

Secure the door knob with the required screw and reattach the plates to the door knobs. This will complete the installation of the new door knobs and lock.

Step 4: Test the Locks

You will need to test the replacement locks. Place the new keys that came with the lock set into the door and turn them, making sure that the door knob turns and opens as well as locks while the key is engaged. Since you will have multiple sets of keys as part of the installation kit, test each set to make sure that they are working properly and the doors are locked.

Take the new keys to a locksmith to have any additional keys that you need for the exterior doors made.

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