Finding and Replacing 1-Piece Toilet Components Finding and Replacing 1-Piece Toilet Components

1-piece toilets are popular because there are less parts to replace. Just like their 2-piece older brothers, 1-piece toilets sometimes need repair.

To locate the right parts for your toilet, those with current models can simply take the broken part to a hardware store and ask the salesperson to point you in the right direction. Armed with your toilet manufacturer's name and model number, you can also order parts online. Even parts for the old-fashioned low boy 1-piece toilet are available online.

Flush Lever

To fix the flush lever, loosen and remove the nut that holds the level in place. Slide the lever out through the hole in the toilet. Slide-in the new piece and tighten the bolt.

Flapper Valve

To fix the flapper valve on your 1-piece toilet, shut off the water valve, flush all water out of the bowl, and dry the surface. Remove the old valve and replace it with the new piece, snapping it into the clips which hold it in place.

Float System

To fix the float system, turn off the water valve and remove whatever water is already in the toilet. Loosen the nuts and remove the old system. Slip the new fixture into place and bolt it securely.

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