Replacing Rollup Garage Door Springs

What You'll Need
Spray lubricant
Work gloves
Eye protection
Replacement spring

Garage door springs are large springs that are placed on each side of the door at the joints. The springs prevent the door from falling and causing damage to person or property. Over time, the garage door springs can become rusted and worn. You can remove and replace garage door springs to have the door opening well again.

Step 1 – Safety

You must be careful when you remove the springs because the tension on the garage door can cause serious harm. Wear gloves and eye protection when working you are working with the springs.

Step 2 – Remove the Springs

Garage doors have at least 2 springs installed, one on each side of the door. You may also find garage door springs on each panel. Locate the springs and carefully remove them. Make sure the door is closed to remove tension. Pull them off. You may need to use a screwdriver to loosen a screw, or to pry them free.

Step 3 – Install Springs

Take the spring with you to the store so that you can choose the right size. Then, attach the springs. Tighten them as needed and then spray each of the garage door springs with spray lubricant to help decrease the friction of the new door springs.