Replacing Shower Glass Door Hinges

glass shower door with metal hinges

Replacing broken shower glass door hinges is a lot simpler and cheaper than replacing a shower door that has broken as a result of a faulty hinge. Replacing the hinge is fairly easy, as long as you are patient and careful.

Remove the Doors

It’s a good idea to try to remove the door and the hinge so you can take the shower door hinge to a hardware store with you. There are many types of hinges available. Taking the hinge will save you a lot of headaches later and ensure you won't have to go back to the hardware store to make a return.

Location of Screws

Most shower door hinges are designed to mount on the wall of the shower with three screws. Once you’ve removed the screws, the hinges come off easily.

Clean the Surface

Clean under the hinge before replacing. Make sure the surface is dry before installing the new one. This will help prevent mold and mildew from building up.

Glass to Glass

If you have a glass-to-glass hinge, it is best to call a professional to do this for you. They will generally require cutting a new piece of glass just to replace the hinge because of their design.

If a hinge is all you need, first take a look to see if it's a job you can do on your own. If you’re not comfortable, or it looks complicated, then by all means, call the professional.