Replacing the Lawn Mower Starter Cord

Lawn mower

Lawn mower starter cords break often. They receive a great deal of abuse over the years, from frequent pulling to exposure to extreme weather. The starter cord gets worn by being damp and moist and rubbing against the other lawn more components. Replacing a lawn mower starter cord is relatively an easy task to complete.

Purchasing a Cord

When purchasing a new lawn mower cord, make sure you purchase a cord that fits with your unit. Also, try and keep to the same brand name. This can be purchased at any local home improvement center.

Removing the Pieces and the Parts

Removing the plastic housing on your lawn mower is fairly easy to accomplish. Depending on your lawn mower model, you will either need to use a screwdriver to remove the screws or a socket wrench to remove a nut and bolt. Once this is completed, you now can remove your old cord from the pulley system

Attaching and Winding

As you attach the new cord, make sure you wind it tightly around the existing disk. You know you have completed this correctly when you test the new cord. Test by pulling back on the cord several times. Iff it rewinds back into place, you have success!