Replacing the Slats on Louver Doors

Replacing the slats on louver doors is just as simple as replacing slats on any other type of frame. Slats themselves are more for the aesthetic appeal than anything else, so it is curial to replace them when damaged, be it for yourself, or to keep the value of your home up. However, just because replacing these slats are necessary at times, doe not mean it is a difficult task.


Make sure your replacements are the correct ones—check the sizing again and again, otherwise the whole process will be a wasted amount of energy, time, and money. To acquire the perfect slats, either call a company, or bring a slat or two as a sample to a local home improvement store, such as Home Depot, so that they can instantly find you a match.

Getting Started

After prepping for the right replacement, remove the buttons located underneath the most bottom rail of the blinds with a flathead screwdriver. Then, untie the knots on the string running underneath the same bottom rail with a needle. Afterward, pull the lift cords up high enough to remove the slats you want to remove, and all the ones underneath them. Once placing the new slats in, run the cord back through all the blinds, and tie the knots up to secure everything.