Replicate the Bauhaus Furniture Style

While the Bauhaus design school is no longer active, replicating the Bauhaus furniture style is still possible. Many old Bauhaus pieces are available in the secondary market, and manufacturers continue to create furniture with this modernist, innovative design style.

Capture the Philosophy
The Bauhaus School introduced the idea that form should follow function. The school originally worked to create housing for the post-WWI workers in Germany. It emerged as an architecture style that emphasized the International Style, but embraced modern materials. With the attitude that any kind of design should be considered art, Bauhaus designs are not only functional and beautiful, but often unique.


Since walls are the background of the design, their colors should consist of bare tones like white, brown, grey, and beige. Accents in accessories and art often use bright primary colors as a contrast to the modern, sparse look in the rest of the room.

The accent pieces of Bauhaus furniture add texture and form to the overall design. The look incorporates organic forms, textures, and colors. Modern art with geometric white and black patterns, along with primary colors in interesting fabrics, characterize the accents on this style of furniture.  Suitable accents include:

  • throw pillows and throws for couches and chairs
  • twig arrangements, bamboo, and sisal for tables 
  • curved glass pieces, colored art glass, and translucent glass décor for cupboards and shelves

Replica Products
Some manufacturers make it particularly easy to replicate the Bauhaus furniture style, because they create reproductions of famous designs by the following Bauhaus designers:

  • Arne Jacobson
  • Le Corbusier
  • Charles Eames
  • Eileen Gray Mies.

Particularly in Europe, it is possible to find the famous Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair. This piece, along with the Swan Chair, was originally designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.

You can also find replicas of pieces by Charles Eames, like his famous RAR Rocking Chair or the DSR Side Chair.

There are several different businesses providing replica products, and it would be wise for a consumer to physically examine several different types before deciding on a particular manufacturer. While quality does vary between the producers of the furniture, they all share a love for the designs.

Similar Designs
There are many manufacturers who do not try to replicate iconic Bauhaus furniture creations, but follow the same minimalist and modernist approach used by the Bauhaus designers. These companies have expanded past Europe, into other parts of the developed world, and they continue to find success with those who appreciate the Bauhaus style. These designs use modern materials such as plastic, rubber, metal, and polyurethane in combination with clean, unadorned wood.

There is little decoration or carving on the Bauhaus style furniture.

Complete the Look
By pulling together the mood and colors of the Bauhaus style, choosing replica or stylistically similar furniture, and adding just the right accents with the appropriate Bauhaus colors, you can recreate the Bauhuas furniture style in your own home or office with very little trouble.