Repurposed Materials that Make the Best Shower Curtain Liners

striped shower curtain
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Shower curtain liners are not generally thought of when it comes to making a home "greener". However, this simple yet integral part of keeping your bathroom clean and free of water can also be an important part of an eco friendly home. One of the great properties of the shower curtain liner is that they do not have to be made out of a certain material. Several different items can be used as shower curtain liners instead of tossing them into the landfill.

1. Used Drape Liner

A very similar material to that of shower curtain liners is a drape liner. These liners are used in conjunction with the overall drape in order to insulate the room from both the hot and cold weather. When they begin to wear out you do not have to throw them out. Reuse these drape liners as shower curtain liners. When reusing this type of liner you need to make sure that it stays clean and you do not let water stand on it for very long. Mildew can begin to set in very quickly if not dried.

2. Used Bed Sheet Liners

person lifting a mattress

Anyone who has had children transitioning from diapers to regular underclothing will have the need for a bed sheet liner. These liners are made to repel the liquids so that it does not ruin the mattress underneath. They are generally made of a vinyl material and can have colorful designs on them. Before repurposing the old sheet liner, you must check it to make sure that it is not stained too badly. If so, try to clean it with some bleach and water. If the stains are removed, then use it. If not, it should not be used. This type of material makes a great shower curtain liner because it will repel the water and not soak it up.

3. Used Tarps

Tarps are a general purpose covering and workhorse for many different tasks around the home. Tarps are generally seen as large, blue, and dirty. After the tarp wears out many people simply throw them away. However, most tarps only wear out in certain spots which leaves much of the material good. Cut out the damaged portion and clean the remaining section. Once some grommets are installed (some tarps have these already installed) you can hang the tarp in your shower instead of throwing it away.

4. Used Plastic Liner

plastic sheeting

There is plenty of plastic liner that is thrown out that is still quite useful. It may not be enough to use as a vapor barrier, or skirting around a home, but it will make a perfect shower curtain liner. With a good cleaning, simply cut the plastic liner to the right size and hang it on a curtain rod.

5. Used Tablecloths

A used tablecloth makes a great material for use as a shower curtain liner. It has a printed surface that will add some decorative style, and it also has a smooth surface for the water to be able to run down and not stick to. There are many different materials used in a tablecloth. The two main types are a thin vinyl or a thin fabric. The fabric material is great for being able to machine wash it to keep it clean and free of mildew.