Requirements for a Handicap Toilet

A handicap toilet is different from a normal toilet in various ways. It should have enough room space to maneuver a wheelchair and the bathroom accessories of a handicap toilet should be within easy reach from the average wheelchair height. Below are the requirements for a handicap toilet.

Wide Door Width

To accommodate all types of wheelchair, handicap bathroom doors should be at least 36 inches wide. The door handles should be within easy reach and located not more than 48 inches from the floor.

Handicap Toilet

A toilet especially made for handicaps is the most important handicap bathroom accessory. The toilet should be positioned at the center of the bathroom stall with enough space to accommodate a wheel chair. The toilet should also have enough vertical clearance and should not be higher than 19 inches above the floor. Aluminum handles should be installed at the sides of the toilet to serve as support when transferring from wheelchair to toilet.

Wheelchair Turning Space

A handicap bathroom should have enough turning space for a wheelchair. The average wheelchair needs at least 60 inches of turning space. Wall units such as paper towel dispensers, hand dryers, tampon dispensers and soap holders should be placed next to a sink to conserve space and allow the wheel chair to turn. In addition, placing the wall units in corners and next to the sink minimize the risk of people with visual impairment bumping into them.

Proper Soap Dispenser  Height

A soap dispenser is an essential bathroom accessory that should be located within easy reach to people in wheelchairs. A wall-mounted soap dispenser should be located not higher than 44 inches above the floor. The soap dispenser should be easy enough to operate using only one hand and should dispense the soap using only very little force.

Proper Paper Towel Dispenser Height

The paper towel dispenser is another essential bathroom accessory that should be within easy reach to people using wheelchair. Position the paper towel dispenser not more that 48 inches from the floor.

Proper Bathroom Dryer Location

The hand dryer should be located at the center of the handicap bathroom and within easy reach. For manually-activated hand dryers, the 'Start' button should be located not more than 40 inches from the floor. Putting the hand dryer at the center of the bathroom handicap with at least 41 inches of clearance at its left and right side will allow persons with disabilities to approach and activate the hand dryer using the left hand or the right hand. In the case of automatic dryers, its nozzle location should not exceed 48 inches from the ground with the same horizontal clearance on both sides for easy access.

Shower Seat

For handicap bathrooms equipped with showers, a shower seat should be provided. The shower seat should be located in a way that the temperature control knobs are within easy reach. The shower seat should not exceed the height of 19 inches and should be wide enough to accommodate all types of person.