Resawing Resawing

Resawing, also known as ripping, is when a board is cut into more than two pieces. This is typically done by using a band saw. The band saw is also used for cutting shapes, whether curved or irregular.

When is Resawing Necessary

Resawing is necessary if you have to cut the wood again after the first cut. This can be anything. It can be dimensional lumber, lumber for a playground or lumber for a home project. No matter what it is, it is classified as resawing after that first sawing.

This is often a technique, as discussed above, for dimensional lumber. In most cases, when you go to the home improvement store, you are looking for certain dimensions. This is exactly what has been prepared from a larger piece of lumber. The pieces of lumber that you purchase from your home improvement store are actually resawings.

Resawing is easy and not very time consuming. You can see this reflected in the price. Although lumber can be expensive, it is usually priced for the type rather than the cut.

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