Resetting the Code on Your Keyless Garage Door Opener Resetting the Code on Your Keyless Garage Door Opener

Resetting your keyless garage door opener is a very simple task and can be performed in three easy steps. The following will explain how to replace the battery. use the program button, and enter the new code for your keyless opener.

Replace the Battery

If the unit failed and will not work, it would be a good idea to replace the battery before attempting to reprogram the unit. In general, replacing the battery every now and again will save the trouble later should the battery die unexpectedly.

Use the Program Button

On the back of the actual garage door opener, in the center, is a small red or black button, called the program button. Press this button and then go quickly to the keypad. You generally have about 30 seconds to enter the new code on your opener. When the LED light is blinking rapidly or holding steady after having blinked rapidly, it is ready to program with your keyless opener.

Enter the New Code

Quickly enter the new code you would like to use and press the up/down button. The light on the garage door opener may blink and the LED light on the keyless garage door opener may blink as well. Test it to be sure it works. If not, repeat the above process and try it once more.

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