Residential Boiler Controls

A residential boiler is the device that the majority of homes use to heat hot water and radiators. Residential boiler controls are used to set the temperature of the water and this is done in a number of different ways. When choosing a new boiler it is very important to consider the controls to make sure you're getting everything you need.

A residential boiler needs to be able to provide your home with enough heat. That's why it's so important for you to choose a residential boiler which has enough capacity to supply all of the heating requirements in your home. You should also choose a boiler which is efficient so that you don't waste any money buying more fuel than you really need.

Importance of Setting Temperatures

The boiler controls are used to set a thermostat so that the boiler reaches a certain temperature. This will ensure that your home or apartment is just the right temperature. There's no need to make your apartment hotter than it should be, not only will this be a waste of fuel but it will also be uncomfortable.

The boiler controls are used to control exactly how hot your boiler gets. This means that it will control the amount of fuel that you burn. By turning down the boiler controls slightly you will be able to reduce the running costs of your boiler. Setting the right temperatures will save you money and save you fuel. This will also protect the environment because you're not burning more fossil fuels than you actually need to.

Setting Temperatures

The temperature of the residential boiler will be set by adjusting the thermostat, which is normally located by the door in your house. This thermostat will control when the boiler switches on and off. If the thermostat is at the correct temperature, this will switch the boiler off and it will only turn on again when it shuts off.

Controlling Water Temperatures

In a similar way residential boiler controls also make it possible to set the temperature of the hot water. There's no point in setting the temperature hotter than required. It will reduce your energy efficiency. A timer will make it easy to control when the boiler turns on and off automatically.


Most modern boiler controls feature timers which will control exactly when the boiler turns on and off. This means that your heating system will be completely automatic and there's no need to do anything manually to control it. You simply set the time when the boiler will turn on and when it will turn off.

Most boiled controls also make it possible to specify when hot water will be made and when the heating is turned on. A timer is an essential part of any boiler control.