Resin is typically a sticky sap that is drawn from trees and converted into a hard matter used for many purposes. In the case of construction materials, resin can be used for making paints and varnishes.

Using Resin

Resin can either be made naturally or manmade. Manmade resin is the combination of coal-tar items mixed with organic elements. It is important to note that resin is soluble in alcohol but not soluble in water. This is very important to know when you begin using resin.

Resin is also used to seal things. Certain resins, such as pine pitch, can be used to seal boats. Being that they are not soluble in water, this works very well. It is also used to seal mummies in mummification, containers, and more.

More commonly, resin is used in such things as paint, varnishes, jewelry, inks, perfume and more. Moreover, the more common forms of resin use will consist of the synthetically made, or manmade, form of it. This is due to the fact that it is cheaper and easier to make. When these items are mass produced, it is wise to use the less expensive version.