Resizing Existing Door Holes for a Keyless Entry Deadbolt Resizing Existing Door Holes for a Keyless Entry Deadbolt

What You'll Need
Deadbolt kit
Masking tape
Wood Chisel
Hole Saw
Spade Bits

Adding a key less entry deadbolt is becoming more common. Adding deadbolts makes the household members feel a bit safer. If you already have a lock in place that requires a key, a deadbolt is easy to install. Below you can find the few tools that are necessary, and the steps to get this project done in a snap. This project can be completed in one day.

Step 1 - Template

In your kit, there should be a template. Take out that template, and put the center of the lock hole on the template. Make sure you keep it about six inches above where your door knob. You should see a line on the template there you wil bend it across the inside edge of the door. Fold it at that line, and then use masking tape to hold it into place for now.

Step 2 - Making It Bigger

The template should be over the existing keyhole that is already there. The template is used to show you the size of the hole you will need. Since there is already a hole, you can take a large spade bit and drill the hold bigger. Drill it out as big as the template calls for. You can use sandpaper to be sure that you are not drilling it too roughly. You may need to stop and check your work to make sure you are correctly sizing the hole, especially if there is a pre-drilled hole.

Step 3 - Deadbolt Hole and Plate

After you have widened the hole to the size of the template, you can move onto the hole for the deadbolt itself. This is done on the inside edge of the door.

The body plate should be included in your kit as well. You can take this and put it over the hole on the door. Take out your pencil, and lightly trace this directly on the door itself.

Step 4 - Chisel and Install

Using your wood chisel and rough chisel the area you have just marked out with a pencil. Once you have done your chiseling, you will need to clear it out in order for the plate and door to match up and be flush with one another.

Now it's time to take your deadbolt and install it in it's appropriate place. You will want to make sure it fits snug, and will not become loose once you secure it into place. Install the plate and secure it into place with wood screws. The outer part of the cylinder goes in the front of the door, and the interior goes on the inside of the door. Once you have those in place, you can secure them down.

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