Restore Painted Metal Fixtures

Lead Image for Restore Painted Metal Fixtures
What You'll Need
Paint solvent and brush
Rubber gloves
Cloth rags
Spray lacquer

If layers of paint are hiding your beautiful metal door plate, strip the paint with solvent using a brush in a well ventilated area.

Safety Note: Eye protection is crucial when applying chemical solutions.

One classic method of removing paint from metal fixtures is to remove the hardware and soak it in hot water with a little detergent. After an hour or so, the paint should be dissolved to the point it can be brushed off. Use a nylon scrub brush to clear off any stubborn sticky bits.

Additionally or alternatively, you can clean and polish the hardware with a high speed rotary tool, using a polishing compound like beeswax to bring out the gleam. Spraying the hardware with lacquer will help it maintain its luster.