Restoring an Antique Croquet Set

What You'll Need
Oil-based paint
Varnish, preferably oil based
Glue for Woods and epoxy glue
Wood fillers
Oil suitable for wood or motor oil

Croquet is a very known and popular lawn game originating from the Victorian Era. If you are a croquet lover and you like antique items, you can buy a nice croquet set at the fraction of a cost and restore it, making it look like new. If you think that the set you have bought is old or rare, you should always check with an antique expert who can give you an appraisal before you start any repairs. You should not repaint or restore sets and vintage items when you just wish to use them as decoration.

Step 1 – Inspecting the Croquet Set

The first thing you need to do is inspect the croquet set you have. You may not need to restore all items, so you need to separate the items needing restoration from the good parts. Once you find the parts that need repainting or restoration, you should evaluate the amount of tasks and repairs that need to be done.

Step 2 – Replacing Parts

If you need to replace some parts completely, you should check with a woodworker, especially if you need new balls or some handles for the mallets. Take the balls and paint color stripes on them, or if you prefer, you can paint the balls placing tape on them first in order to create stripes. When they dry, you should apply the varnish with a suitable paintbrush.

Step 3 - Restore the Balls of the Set

If you have balls that need minor restorations, you should restore the chipped wooden balls. The combination of sawdust and epoxy can help you fix minor problems. You should sand the balls, clean them, let them dry and then paint them the color you want. You should let them dry and then varnish them.  If there are broken handles or mallets, you should glue them separately and then assemble them together when they are dry.

Step 4 – Strip the Paint Off the Set Pieces

Strip any worn paint off the stakes, mallets, posts and handles, and then sand them. Make sure you repaint the stripes on the parts, varnishing them when you are done with painting. Use plastic or rubber disks to the handles to protect them from possible damages and wear in the future.

Step 5 - Final Touches and Oil Protection

The last step requires you to restore the set case. Take care to clean, strip and sand it, and then apply the protective varnish. You should clean the fittings and hinges, applying the protective oil which is suitable for wood and metal, because it can protect them from wear and moisture.