Restoring Birch Plywood Cabinets

What You'll Need
All-natural wood cleaner
All-natural birch plywood finish
All-natural wood stain
Small tarp or expendable towel
Electric sander
Expendable cloth

If your kitchen features any birch plywood cabinets that have incurred any scoffs or scratches or have simply begun to fade with age, you should consider restoring them. Restoring birch plywood cabinets is an easy and effective way to breathe some new life into your home's kitchen while at the same time extending the life of your cabinets. Below are the steps you'll be required to take in order to successfully restore your kitchen cabinets.

Step 1 - Give Your Cabinets a Thorough Cleaning

Before your cabinets can be restored, they will need to be vigorously cleaned. After clearing out the cabinets, use a washcloth to apply an all-natural wood cleaner to your cabinet doors and interiors. While carrying out this step, make sure to be very thorough as any remaining dirt, dust or debris is liable to cause trouble when the restoration process is underway. Also, make a point of using an all-natural cleaner. Using a chemical-heavy commercial wood cleaner may produce a dangerous chemical reaction if used in conjunction with over-the-counter wood stains and finishes.

Step 2 - Sand Your Cabinet Doors and Interiors

Now that your birch plywood cabinets have undergone a preparatory cleaning, it's time to sand them. While it is not essential, removing the doors before proceeding to sand them can make the process a great deal simpler. Should you choose to remove your cabinet doors, take care to place them on top of a small tarp or expendable towel for the duration of the job. Next, use a sheet of sandpaper or an electric sander to smooth out the doors and cabinet frames, making sure to pay special attention to any noticeably rough, scratched or scuffed areas. Keep in mind that the birch plywood used to build cabinets usually has a thin layer of birch on the exterior which functions as a sort of veneer, so when proceeding to sand your cabinets, make a point of not penetrating the veneer.

Once your doors and frames have been sufficiently smoothed out, repeat the sanding process on the interior portion of your birch plywood cabinets. Complete this step by wiping away any dust or debris produced by the sanding with a dampened washcloth or paper towel.

Step 3 - Apply Your Finish

Having thoroughly cleaned and sanded your birch plywood cabinets, you'll now need to apply your finish. With the aid of a paintbrush or expendable cloth, apply an all-natural plywood finish to your cabinets, taking care to distribute it in a smooth, even fashion. After your finish has been successfully applied, allow it to dry for the amount of time listed on the product's packaging. Finish tends to dry best in well-ventilated areas.

Step 4 - Apply Your Stain

Once your freshly applied finish has been given ample time to dry, you'll be ready to carry out the final step in the cabinet restoration process. Once again using an expendable cloth or paintbrush, apply an all-natural plywood stain to your cabinets in the same fashion as your finish. After your stain has fully dried, your birch plywood cabinets will look as sleek and shiny as the day you installed them.