Restoring Shine to a Fiberglass Boat Restoring Shine to a Fiberglass Boat

To keep your fiberglass boat looking new, it is essential that you clean and polish it annually. Since the bulk of the hull is underwater anyway, it is not necessary to haul the boat out of the water to restore the shine to the whole hull. However, if you keep it on a trailer or are planning on hauling it out, then it makes sense to polish the entire hull.

Wash and Rinse

Start by cleaning the entire boat with a mixture of water and detergent. For especially dirty boats you can add a bit of bleach to the mix. Use a large sponge and wear gloves if you decide to use bleach.

Wax and Polish

After the boat has been cleaned, rinsed and allowed to dry, the next step is to wax the boat with a special fiberglass waxing product. Much like a car, the boat should be waxed and buffed after it sets up. Waxing is followed by fiberglass polish and sealant to protect the boat from the elements. Look into all-in-one products such as Phase V. It is a wax, polish and sealant in one container.

To restore the shine to your fiberglass boat, all you really need are a few products, a little elbow grease and the time. In an afternoon your fiberglass boat will look as good as new.

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