Restoring Used Pellet Stoves

If you are looking to purchase a pellet stove, consider looking at used pellet stoves that have been restored. A new wood pellet stove can cost up to $2,500, but a used or restored used model can cost less than half as much. Wood pellet stoves are gaining in popularity as a heating source within a home. The wood pellet stove uses biomass fuel to provide heat. This fuel is made from wood, grass or straw and compressed in a mill to produce the pellets. 

Locating a Used Pellet Stove

The process of restoring a pellet stove involves contacting an antique dealer or reseller of wood pellet stoves. Even better, you should attempt to look through newspaper listings and locate a slightly used or older model wood pellet stove that may be in need of repair. Finding this stove will give you an opportunity to have a restoration shop take the appliance and bring it back to its original working condition.

Cleaning Up the Used Pellet Stove

The restorer will take the pellet stove and clean it up as part of the process in determining how to make it work properly. The restoration process involves examining each of the components of the pellet wood stove and making sure that they can still be used. Any parts that are damaged or unusable will be removed and replaced with a comparable part from another pellet wood stove. If necessary, a part may need to be manufactured or special ordered for the restoration.

Stripping and Painting the Pellet Stove

After the restorer examines the used pellet wood stove and determines the extent of the stove's condition, the stove will need to be stripped in order to expose the bare metal. Any rust and other corrosion on the used pellet stove will be removed and a rust preventer will be sprayed on the pellet stove to prevent future rusting.

The restorer will apply a flat or metallic paint to the stove as part of the restoration process. This can be a black, silver or copper color depending on the color that you want as part of your decor.

Attaching Parts to the Pellet Stove

After allowing the proper amount of time for the pellet stove finish to dry, any replacement parts that were ordered are attached and tested to determine if they are working properly. All other maintenance and repair of the used pellet wood stove takes place during this stage in the restoration process.

With all of the replacement parts in place and good working order and the pellet stove repainted, the only other part of the process that is left if for the pellet stove to be installed and fired up to make sure that it is working. A certified installer will take over and place the necessary vents and duct work in order to connect the wood pellet stove. This will complete the restoration process for your used wood pellet stove.