Restoring Wood Furniture With Shellac Restoring Wood Furniture With Shellac

Restoring wood furniture with shellac is easier than you might expect. Even simple efforts from a novice can help enhance the look and value of your wood furniture by following some properly performed techniques.

Choose a Work Area

Make sure your work area is properly ventilated if inside. If you can move the furniture outdoors, do so. Allow enough room to work around when restoring wood furniture with shellac.

Prep the Floor

Place a drop cloth or some old newspapers under the furniture you are working on.

Pour Shellac in Aluminum Can or Bowl

Before you start, put on a pair of rubber gloves and then pour a small amount of shellac in an aluminum can or bowl.

Work in Small Areas

Using an appropriate paint brush, apply shellac in small areas, and make sure to brush along the wood grain. Repeat this until you’ve covered the entire surface area to be restored.

Dry Time

Allow the furniture to dry for several hours before attempting to add another coat. Sand if necessary.

Clean Up

Make sure to properly dispose of any soiled newspapers. Always dispose of any “working” shellac and do NOT attempt to pour it back in the holding container, especially when it has been exposed outdoors. Airborne particles may contaminate the small sampling your work from, so dispose of it properly, also.

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