Restoring Your Wrought Iron Patio Chair

Your wrought iron patio chair may need some restoring because of its exposure to the elements. It can be restored and looking like new in a few easy steps.

Step 1-Removing the Paint

The first step is to remove the existing paint with either a heavy-grit metal sandpaper or a wire brush.  It’s important to concentrate on the areas of rust and remove all of it down to the bare metal for the new paint to have maximum effect.  Once you’ve accomplished this, you should go over the entire chair with a wet sand paper, preferably number 200 or higher.  This will smooth out any rough surfaces and remove any burrs from the wrought iron patio chair.

Step 2-Applying New Paint

The second and last step involves choosing and applying the proper paint for your wrought iron patio chair.  For an easier application, it’s recommended that you choose a spray-paint specifically designed for metal and the outdoors. It's usually a good idea to apply two coats of paint.  Just make sure you check the manufacturer's instructions for the proper drying time, but a few hours will usually be acceptable.  For extra protection and a glossy finish, you could apply a clear coat laquer after the paint has dried.  For both products, there are several selections available at your local home improvement store.