Restyle Your Bathroom Without Remodeling It

nice updated bathroom

You don't have to spend a fortune, hire contractors, and be inconvenienced by a large-scale renovation to give your washroom a makeover. You can restyle your bathroom without remodeling it by simply making one or two changes.

Here are 10 small-scale changes you can do yourself to give your powder room a facelift.

1. Accent Wall

Make your space pop with a new, bold paint color on just one wall. Alternatively, you can add texture. Use old wooden pallets for a country-chic look or tile if you are looking for a more modern feel.

You can also try this for your tub. There are faux rock patterns you can buy that would give the illusion of a stone tub without all of the hassle. You could also use beadboard to accentuate the exposed tub exterior.

2. Baskets

Clear up clutter and add a touch of elegance with woven baskets. You can also use wine crates for a touch of rustic charm.

Crates and baskets are versatile, too. You can simply place one by the sink to hold soaps, or buy a few different shades to create an ombré look with your storage.

Using baskets is a creative way to store your fancy guest towels and soaps for visitors to easily see.

3. Décor

Change your shower curtains, rod, and rings. By getting new ones that match your current color scheme, you won't have to repaint the entire room (unless you want to).Your soap dispenser, trashcan, bathmat, and other toiletries can be swapped out to accent the new look.

Tip: Try using mason jars and wicker baskets for a rustic, country theme.

Another way to spruce things up is to add some artwork.

You can go with a traditional wall hanging or make a decorative shelf. Place a jar of sand or seashells with a few candles on the shelf, and you will think you are at a beach house. Or, make a rustic-looking pallet sign.

4. Faucets

Upgrading your faucet is an inexpensive way to restyle your bathroom without remodeling. If you've got an outdated sink installed in the 80's, try swapping it out for something more streamlined and modern. Plus, if you replace your old faucet with a new low-flow version, it will make your home more energy efficient.

There are also many different paints that can be used to give your tap a new finish. without buying a whole new system.

5. Flooring

Many floor types are fairly easy to paint. The great thing about painting is that you will get exactly what you want; you have full reign over the colors and patterns.

If you are concerned about the drying time, you could try a floating floor. Don’t worry, it won't actually float. The term refers to the fact that is placed right over the old flooring, which means you will not have to rip anything up. There is an array of patterns you can choose from (such as tile, wood, or stone), and these floating floors are easy to install.

6. Lighting

Soft lighting can help you feel like you are at the spa. You can do this by getting a dimmer switch or adding candles. Or, you could switch out your current light fixture all together. A new light fixture is an easy and inexpensive way to restyle your bathroom without remodeling it.

7. Mirror

Those industrial mirrors come in handy, but they are not the prettiest things. Beautify your mirror by framing it. You can get the framing supplies from a craft or hardware store. This means you have a lot of options and can choose a simple or an elaborate framework for your looking glass. Putting a shelving unit in the middle will break up larger mirrors, like those over a double sink.

If you have a not-so-fabulous medicine cabinet, you can replace it with an oh-so-fabulous mirror. Many thrift and discount stores sell them, so you do not have to break the bank.

8. Plants

Succulents are versatile and low maintenance plants. They also help to purify the air.

Alternatively, adding fragrant flowers will not only add color, but also will keep the area smelling great.

9. Storage

There are a lot of different ways to add storage to a small bathroom. Add an extra cabinet or shelves to restyle your bathroom without remodeling it. You can use them for your baskets or other décor items. It can be a functional way to eliminate clutter or a place for your new plants.

10. Sink

Of course you can replace the entire sink, or you could just paint. You can paint practically anything, and your sink is no exception. They also make a paint for practically everything, including ones that are texturized and made to look like stone or granite. There is a new trend of using concrete to make faux granite countertops as well.

Do not forget about the cabinetry underneath. Changing the handles or knobs is one of the easiest ways to change things up. The exterior can also be stained or painted. The interior shelving and drawer bottoms can be jazzed up with contact paper.

Whether you are looking to impress your house guests or are just wanting a change, there are many easy and inexpensive ways to restyle your bathroom without remodeling it.