Resurface Concrete Steps: Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

While relatively few tools are needed to resurface concrete, you'll definitely need some stamina. This quick and precise task also requires that your keep your wits about you to remain focused. If done correctly, the cost benefits are worth it.

Tips to Embrace

Tip 1—Give the kids to the grandparents for the weekend. Wet cement is a tempting environment for doodling and leaving handprints. Impressions made in wet concrete are likely to last. To avoid the frustration of having to redo the job or figure out major retouch work, keep others at bay until the concrete is dry.

Tip 2—Deer netting is a great way to keep squirrels, pets and other creatures away from the area. It works much better than standard caution tape and physically separates the area.

Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake 1—Being improperly focused on the task. Once mixed with water, the entire bag of resurfacer has only about 30 minutes to be completely spread, evenly distributed and leveled. Be sure there are no distractions and you have everything ready before you begin.

Mistake 2—Not paying attention to the weather. The temperature needs to between 70 and 75 degrees F with relatively no humidity in the air if you are using polymer or around 50 to 60 degrees F and overcast if you are applying a bonding agent.