Resurfacing a Concrete Driveway: Mistakes to Avoid

When attempting to resurface a concrete driveway a few common mistakes can be avoided with adequate preparation. Always remember that since you are not replacing the current driveway, the new concrete has to be able to bond with the old cement in order to make it a lasting repair.

Clean the Old Concrete

Clean the old concrete with a stiff push broom and some liquid soap mixed with warm water. Scrub the entire area good to remove all dust and cement particles, as well as any oil or liquid spills present. Then spray off with a pressure washer. Allow the concrete to dry before attempting to resurface it, but do not allow it to stand unattended too long or it will have to be washed again. After it has dried, use the push broom and sweep it one more time to ensure that it is clean.

Apply Water and Concrete Bonding Paste

Before resurfacing the concrete driveway use a hose and get the old cement wet. Always apply some form of concrete bonding paste to the wet concrete in order to ensure that the new cement will bond properly.


Never attempt to resurface concrete in cold, wet, hot, humid, or windy weather conditions. Ideally, the outside temperature should be between 50 and 60 degrees F, but a slight variation up or down can also be worked with.