Resurfacing Granite Countertop Overlay

What You'll Need
Liquid dish soap
Clean cloth
Granite tile sealant



Resurfacing your current granite countertop overlay is the ideal solution when it comes to freshening up the room without having to invest in all new countertops. This is a very simple task that most homeowners can accomplish within a matter of hours, and since it only requires a few tools and some specialized products, will not be very costly.

Step 1 - Clean the Granite Countertop Overlay

Begin this project by cleaning the entire granite overlay countertop with warm water, liquid dish soap and a clean rag. Make sure to wipe off all food particles and scrub any stains that are present out.

Step 2 - Fill Holes and Cracks

Use an epoxy sealant and fill in all the holes and cracks that may be present. If there is any mortar that has begun working loose, pry the old pieces old and refill with new mortar.

Step 3 - Apply Granite Sealer

Finish the resurfacing project by applying two coats of granite tile sealer, making sure to rub the compound into the granite countertop overlay and completely cover all the surfaces and edges that are present.