Retaining Wall Drainage Mistakes to Avoid

It is important to consider retaining wall drainage in the process of building your wall. It can be vital in ensuring that the wall remains upright, and that too much wet earth doesn't cause it to buckle or even collapse. Poor drainage is often the cause of retaining walls failing, and then it is often too late to put right. Avoiding some mistakes like this can help you to keep your wall strong for years to come.

Not Adding Drainage Pipes

When you are installing the landscaped earth, which the retaining wall is designed to hold up, you should fit in some PVC pipes. These will allow water to drain out of the earth, and prevent your soil from getting waterlogged and excessively heavy.

No Stones Behind the Wall

When you are constructing the wall, add a layer of loose rocks and stones between the earth and the wall. This will help provide drainage, particularly during heavy rains. You should add sawdust or other absorbent particles to the stones to help them soak up the soil.

No Perforated Drain Pipe

Adding drains to the foundation of your retaining wall drainage is vital. Perforated drains allow the water to flow out of the wall, preventing it from collapsing under the weight of too much water.