Retractable Screen Doors for French Doors Retractable Screen Doors for French Doors

Retractable screen doors provide a way to maintain the elegance that French doors are intended to convey. Swinging screens, on the other hand, can greatly detract from this setting as they tend to be flimsy and clumsy. The problem with retractable screen doors is that certain designs can be destroyed by pet scratching or slam shut because of the magnetic strip that pulls them together. This could be dangerous for small children and pets. Moreover, be sure that the sliding door has adequate guide tracks.


Retractable screen doors can be designed to protect small children and pets by slowing down the slamming shut effect. It is very important when putting together retractable screen doors that you make sure that there is a way to create a catch to prevent their slamming shut. If a cat owner, it is also important to purchase screens that will be resistant to cat scratching, which would, consequently, release them from the house.

Guide Tracks

To ensure that the retractable doors do not become as flimsy as swinging doors can be, you should make sure that the tracks they are sliding on are deep. It is also wise to include a weather strip, which is basically a pad that runs between the screen and the guide, to add extra support and prevent the kind of friction that causes the tracks and the screen to wear away faster.



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