Reusing Coffee Grounds as Fertilizer in the Garden Reusing Coffee Grounds as Fertilizer in the Garden

For coffee drinkers who care about the environment, or are keen gardeners, reusing coffee grounds in the garden is a great way of creating a fertilizer that can be added to all year round.

Coffee for Fertilizer

Reusing coffee grounds to make compost is the best way of creating fertilizer. Added to a pile of leaves or paper, coffee grounds can supply your compost with additional nitrogen. Use a ratio of about 2 cups of leaves or paper for every one cup of coffee grounds. Reusing coffee grounds can also speed up the rate of composting.

Coffee grounds can also be added directly to the soil, where they will provide the earth with extra nitrogen. They can also be used to provide additional fertilizer for plants that like acidic soils, although a large number of grounds would have to be used before there was any significant lowering of the PH.

Reusing coffee grounds with sawdust, wood chips, or leaves can also create an excellent mulch; the added items prevent the grounds from developing a crust; worms also seem to like coffee, so reusing coffee grounds is a good way of encouraging these little beasts to till your soil for you.


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