Reusing Knitting Wool Reusing Knitting Wool

Reusing many common materials is a great way to keep the earth cleaner. At the same time, you can save a lot of money by simply reusing the old items you do not use anymore. One of the great items to reuse is knitting wool. Here are a few ideas in reusing knitting wool.

Reuse For New Knitting Project

There are many times when you will throw away a sweater that has a small tear in it, you have outgrown, or just don't want anymore. You can reuse that kitting wool to make a new sweater, hat, mittens, shirt, scarf, or blanket. Simply cut the seams and pull apart the threads for reusing again.

Reuse For Garden Twine

Instead of buying more garden twine to tie up tomato plants, or train flowers to grow up trellises, you can use knitting wool. While they will not last very long, you will get enough use out of them to do what you need.

Reuse As Stuffing in Stuffed Toys

Pull apart your old wool sweaters, and blankets, to reuse the knitting wool for stuffing stuffed animals.

Reuse As Insulation

Do you have a drafty part of your home? Can you feel air leaks around your widows or doors? Stuff the wool in between the window and the wall to seal up the draft.

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