Reusing Mason Jars Around the House and Garage Reusing Mason Jars Around the House and Garage

Mason jars are great for canning foods, but when you use them, or do not want to can anymore, there may be many to dispose of. Instead of throwing them away, reuse them in different unique ways.

Build a Terrarium

Mason jars, because they have such unique character to them anyway, can be reused to make a great looking terrarium. Either stand it upright or set it on its side. Build a plant diorama, a lizard paradise, or keep a small turtle enclosed.

Table Centerpiece

Need a vase in a hurry? Grab an old mason jar, add some water, and throw in your favorite flowers. Tie a ribbon around it or hot glue some other designs to the jar to create a pleasant looking table centerpiece.

Hold Small Items

A garage is full of little odds and ends, screws, nails, and pieces you need to find, but simply can't. Reusing a mason jar in your garage will help you keep these things organized so you can find them when you need them. Build a small shelf and label several mason jars for screws, nails, and other small items.

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