Review: We Test Krud Kutter Cleaning Products

Two bottles of Krud Kutter side-by-side.

Cleaning supplies may not seem all that interesting, but they are products people use on a weekly, if not daily, basis (unless, of course, you aren’t one for cleaning). Krud Kutter, which was acquired by Rust-Oleum in 2014, offers a variety of cleaning products. We tried the Heavy Duty Cleaner and Disinfectant and the Kitchen Degreaser All Purpose Cleaner.

The Heavy Duty Cleaner kills bacteria and germs. It also stops the growth of mold and mildew. Because it does not use bleach, it did not smell the way some other cleaning products do. Before using the cleaner, you need to clean areas that are heavily stained. You can then use the cleaner on walls, floors, tables, and counters. The spray bottle and cleaner were easy to use.

Despite its name, the Kitchen Degreaser can actually be used in a lot of areas around the house. To use the product, you spray it a few inches from the surface and wipe it clean. You must then rinse it with water. For tougher stains, you can wait a few minutes before cleaning off the product. We tested it in a few areas in our homes.


We first tried the product in our kitchens. We found that it worked well on getting grease and grime off of both gas and electric stoves with very little scrubbing. It also successfully got dirt off of our range hood, counters, and cabinets. It also did a good job getting fingerprints and other smudges off of stainless steel appliances. The product did not smell.


Even though the product has kitchen in its name, we found that it worked really well in bathrooms as well. We tested it on a shower door with a lot of grime that has proved immune to most cleaning products in the past (one time we used an entire bottle of glass cleaner with little to show for our efforts). While we did have to let the spray sink in for a bit to really get all the grime off, it worked better than any other product we have tried. It also got calcium build-up off of the showerhead and faucet.


We didn’t have quite as much luck on walls. The Degreaser removed some lighter colored stains and smudges, but did not get rid of darker markings. Kitchen walls, however, were another story. Caked-on grime and oils on the wall directly behind the stove came right off.


We found the Kitchen Degreaser to be incredibly effective on carpet. After being applied to a thick white carpet and allowed to set for only two minutes, a vigorous wiping removed large amounts of dirt build-up and even a couple of liquid stains.

While this is great for individual spotting, when used on a carpet this is truly dingy, you may want to consider treating the entire carpet first. That same area now stands out from the rest of the carpet as it’s noticeably cleaner than surrounding areas.


We found both products to be incredibly effective. Both are available at hardware stores and online marketplaces such as Amazon. They each sell for $3.99.