Revitalize Your Deck Pergola Revitalize Your Deck Pergola

After a while, and for no reason that you can immediately put your finger on, your deck pergola may seem to lose some of its appeal and somehow lose it's crisp, clean shape. Part of this is going to be due to ordinary stresses on the design, and the rest is usually because the owner is simply ready for a change of pace. We have some ideas to help you revitalize your pergola, and bring back the zest it once offered.

Standard Maintenance

Whether your pergola is held together with screws, nails, or bolts, the pieces are probably going to work loose over time. Use a framing square and check the angles at all corners to make sure they are still as they should be. Go all the way around the structure, and verify that each fastener is tight, and that the lumber is pulled snugly together without any wide gaps. You may be surprised, but even a pergola which you thought was still solid will straighten up and stand taller and better defined after this is done. You should also replace any damaged parts, including latticework, which eliminates the "run-down" look.

Adding Life to a Wooden Pergola

One very easy way to give your pergola a brand new look is to add lattice to the sides. This method is used often, and complemented with a plant such as a miniature rose which slowly spreads to cover the entire trellis. If a trellis does not suit your tastes, you could also consider decorating with hanging plants such as spider plants. An open-rafter pergola transforms into an oriental  garden with the simple addition of Japanese lamps

A Splash of Color

One way to give your pergola a facelift is to give it a coat of paint. Choose a color that fits well with your home or property, or be creative and use a nature motif instead of a single paint color. You may even want to choose two colors which go well together, and paint the pergola with one, and the accompanying benches in the other.

Add Functionality

A patio pergola could be the absolute perfect location for an old-fashioned bench swing. Outfit the seat with comfortable outdoor cushions, and you have a perfect place to relax with a good book, or enjoy the sights, sounds, and scents of this little spot of natural beauty.

Complement Your Pergola

Consider adding another decoration that can accent the pergola. Some excellent ideas are to add a stone garden, birdbath, or a garden pond. This type of arrangement is perfect for a trellised pergola, especially when a small fountain or waterfall is incorporated into the design. Also, hang a hummingbird feeder at opposite corners of the pergola. These unique birds can be found in almost all parts of North America, and make a wonderful addition to any garden if they can be lured into regular visits.

Some Other Ideas

A few more quick suggestions would be to add rope lights around the upper perimeter, or add an artistic wooden border. You may want to line the path with a nice array of flowers, and perhaps mark the path itself out with decoratively colored mulch. There are endless ways to bring new life back into your pergola, most of them are inexpensive, and all of them add new highlights to your garden or patio.

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