Ripped Rug Repair Guide - Do It Yourself Ripped Rug Repair Guide - Do It Yourself

Rug repair can be simple or quite difficult. It will depend greatly on the type of rug you have. It can often be repaired without taking it to a professional.

Oriental or Precious Rugs
If you have a valuable rug, you may want to leave the repair to a professional. Trying to repair a valuable rug can cause much more damage than you originally had. Leave these problems to someone who is qualified to deal with them.

Braided Rugs
A braided rug is easy to fix on your own. Just pick apart the stitches that are holding the rug coil together. Only pick the stitches that are causing the tear. Cut off the parts of the rug that are torn. Unbraid the area you need to repair. Splice a new strip in place, and re-braid the rug. Simply stitch the coil back in place, and you’ve just repaired your braided rug.

Borrow Fibers
If the tear is small, or just a worn spot, you may be able to fix it by pulling fibers from other area’s of the carpet that won’t be noticed. You can use a toothpick and apply a small amount of adhesive to place the borrowed fibers in to the tear.

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